The Mission

The mission of EASE is straight forward, to train new administrative staff on both job function areas and soft skills. The focus of training sessions will be for new employees; however seasoned administrative staff will be able to attend sessions as a refresher.

The Program

There is no specific order to these courses and employees can sign up for them as soon as they begin work. EASE will meet every other month, with the exception of December. Below is a list of potential topics:

  • Tools for Time Management
  • The Employment Process
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Travel
  • Fiscal Affairs Overview
  • Leave
  • Purchasing, Contracts, and Procurement Card
  • Grants & Contracts Overview
  • Basic Internal Controls
  • Computer & Information Security
  • Valuing Diversity

The Results

Employees will not only learn job-specific skills, they will network and meet others who are doing very similar jobs. Presenters are experts in their areas and would be happy to connect with you outside of EASE for further questions.